16 June 2009

Science Fair

The science fair last week was tons of fun. This is my project:

How Dilute is Vinegar?

I think the vinegar will be between 90% and 95% water.

Moore Wilson's vinegar and Moore Wilson's baking soda.

I will start with ½ mole (42g) NaCO3H (sodium bicarbonate), then pour vinegar into a container and weigh it. I will add the vinegar to the NaCO3H until the mixture stops fizzing. When the mixture stops fizzing, that means that ½ mole (30g) of C2H4O2 (acetic acid) has been added because in the reaction between C2H4O2 and NaCO3H, one molecule of C2H4O2 reacts for every one molecule of NaCO3H that reacts. So for ½ a mole of NaCO3H to react, ½ a mole of C2H4O2 is needed. I will weigh the vinegar again, the difference between the 2 weights of the vinegar is how much vinegar has been added.

612g of vinegar was added, 582g of that was water. The vinegar was 95% dilute.

I was correct in thinking that the vinegar was between 90% and 95% water. My conclusion is that the Moore Wilson's vinegar is 95% dilute. Other types of vinegar could have slightly different amounts of acetic acid in them.

Josiah did a speech about his project.

Here are some of the photos that mum took of mine and Josiah's projects.

Josiah's project was about "How Successful are Spider webs?"
We are so busy this week with preparation for the competition this weekend.

10 June 2009

Lots of Things Going On

My Sugar free month is finally over, yay! But I still won't be able to have much sugar because me and mum agreed that after our sugar free month we would only have sugar once a month for things like birthdays and other special events. I don't really miss sugar that much which is good because it means that I have pretty much broken the craving. The hardest part is when people offer me food with sugar.

On Friday we are going to a science fair in Johnsonville. I am doing a project called "How Dilute is Vinegar?". I wasn't going to do one but I decided recently to do one when I had nothing else to do on free-choice school-work day. My brother Josiah is doing a project about spiders and their webs, how much prey they catch and so on. It will be lots of fun. Apparently there are tons of people coming and a few of them are doing speeches, Josiah included. I am not doing one, though I might film Josiah's speech so that we have a record.

This is me stiring some vinegar into the baking soda when I was doing my experiment.

The climbing competition at Hangdog is coming up soon and I can hardly wait. It will be lots of fun and I am training really hard so that the climbs will be easier. The people in my grade are really good and there are lots of them, so I don't make a big thing about where I get or anything. I just enjoy the climbs and the company of all the climbers. Dad and me are planning to film some of the climbs and the climbers from our club.

The Hangdog Winter Boulder Series kicked off to a great start last fortnight and the second round is tonight. Our friend B is setting and hopefully he will set some really nice routes. I hope to do well in my grade and I want to get some hard problems.

Technicraft is nearly over. I only have three more weeks of woodwork and then it will be over. On the upside I won't have to get up early and bike on Tuesdays, and I'll have more time for my school work, but on the downside I won't get to have lots of fun making cool things in all the different classes. I will miss seeing all my freinds and doing the stuff.