28 March 2009

NBS and Birthday

In the NBS I came first equal overall. I got a 1st and a 4th. The girl who I came first equal with got two 2nds. My brother came first equal in his grade with a 1st and a 3rd (the same as the person he came first equal with). You can find other results on the NBS website.

It was my birthday recently. For my party I went to Te Papa to see the Monet exhibition with my friend K. after that we went on the bungy trampoline that is usually at Frank Kitts Park but which was outside Te Papa that day. It was extremely fun and we did lots of flips.

That is me doing a back flip. I tried to do a forward one but I forgot to take my hands off so I didn't get very far. It is my brother's birthday soon. We are planning to go climbing up north.

I am having a processed-sugar free month starting today. It's going to be very hard.