29 March 2010

Very crazy first term!

Oh my gosh. It's the end of term already and it only feels like two or three weeks. this term has been really busy with school taking up just about all of my time, homework taking up free time that isn't spent climbing. If the rest of the year goes this fast then it'll be next year before I it feels like a term is gone. the first climbing comp of the year is rapidly approaching. we are going to spend a few extra days down in Christchurch climbing at spittle hill. just a couple of weeks ago I had my 13th birthday. I can't believe I'm actually a teenager, it doesn't feel any different.

Other than school there hasn't been much going on for me. Last Saturday was my school's fair. Heaps of people turned up and it was mayhem trying to actually do anything. We sold so much stuff.

Yay only three more days of school before the holidays are here!