31 August 2009

Getting Injured

at the final of the hangdog winter boulder series I hurt my right ankle. I was doing the dyno problem and I caught the second hold then swung off and landed half on and half off the small boulder mat. The next morning when my ankle hadn't got any better me and Mum went to the Emergency ward at hutt hospital and sat for hours waiting to be seen. They thought it was probably torn ligaments. I had crutches for three days before I could walk on my foot. I am back climbing now but not quite fully healed. Recently I bought some Anasazis (climbing shoes). They are really good, when I first bought them they were really painful but now they are quite bearable to wear.

We have ducklings by our creek at the moment, they are adorable. These photos are from a few days old to today:

18 August 2009

The Auckland Competition

The Auckland comp was really cool.

I had lot of fun going on the Climb Zone with my friends K, E and B. The climbs were really nice. I was pleased with my footwork most of the way. When I fell off on my second qualifier it was because I had not got my foot up earlier and failed to get it up at that point because I could not get it over the lip onto the hold that would make me be able to reach the next handhold.

Josiah and Dad both did Opens again but neither of them got into finals.

I won the speed climbing which puts me first equal overall in the series. I came fourth in the lead climbing by one hold. I got third in the series but did not get to stand on the podium because we had to leave to get to the airport to catch our plane home. The photos taken at the comp can be seen at inkbig

Josiah is in Europe!

The team left on the Monday after the competition in Auckland. At the moment they are in Zurich, Switzerland, training. Soon they are going to Imst, Austria, for the world cup competition. They are keeping a team diary. It can be viewed on the Climbing New Zealand website

03 August 2009

Photos From the Rotorua Competition

These are some of the photos that my Grandparents took the competition in Rotorua.

This is me on my first qualifier:

This is Josiah on his first qualifier:

This is Mum on her first qualifier:

This is me on my second Qualifier:

This is Geoff on his second qualifier: