30 September 2009

New Ducklings

This afternoon Josiah spotted some new ducklings at our creek so we went out to feed them. They are so adorable. The other family of ducks doesn't have a mother but they have survived for about a week and a half so unless a cat gets them than we think they will grow to be adults without dying. We think there are about 11 ducklings in the new family.

Here are some photos of the ducklings living in our creek:

23 September 2009

The National Champs In Christchurch

Last weekend We went to Christchurch for the National Championships. I topped out my first climb so I was very pleased with that, but My second climb didn't go quite as well. I was dynoing for a hold with my left hand and I fell off, I should have moved my body first before letting go of the wall with my hand. My final went okay, but my feet kept slipping off the holds because I was wearing my new shoes which had not been worn in yet. The placings in our family were Me: 2nd National cup speed (there were medals for the overall ranking and they gave them out at this comp), 3rd National Champs Speed, 3rd National Champs difficulty. Josiah: 1st National Cup Speed, 3rd National Champs Speed, 2nd National Champs Difficulty. Mum: 3rd National Champs Difficulty. Dad: 3rd National Cup Speed, 2nd National Champs Difficulty. Here are some photos that Mum took at the comp:

Photos From Josiah's Trip

Here are some of the photos that Josiah took in Europe:

09 September 2009

Josiah is Back!

Josiah got back from Europe last week.
In some ways I am glad he is back and in others I wish he was still in Europe, for example when I am working quietly and Josiah starts talking in a monologue about what he is doing, but it is nice not to be an only child any more because I have someone to talk to when Mum and Dad are busy or tired. Most of the time he is the first person in the house to go to sleep, he is still used to European time. For the first few days he was complaining about the cold weather because it had been hot in Europe. He took a disposable camera with him to Europe but the film machine at the place where we were going to get it developed was broken so we haven't got the photos yet, when we have I will post some of them. In Europe Josiah bought some very cool holds for our boulder wall and some chocolates for me and Mum and a friend but the chocolates got left in Europe accidentally.

The Ducklings are getting bigger every day. Here are some photos from a few days ago: