12 November 2009

More Ducklings

We have a new family of ducklings by our creek and they are adorable. One of them has a tuft of cream feathers on it's head. Josiah named it Buff. There are nine ducklings altogether. There were eleven at the start but two died. They are still only maybe a week old so they are very tiny.

11 November 2009

Last Holiday Post

Home 14 Oct

Sunday-more rest

On Sunday we had another rest day hanging around the place. I read lots of my book. We went for a walk in the evening along the beach a little way. We finished Little House On the Prairie.

Monday-Crystal Cascades

On Monday we hired a car and went to Crystal Cascades. Our car was the same type as the one we hired in Sydney except it was bright yellow. My ankle hurt so I didn't do the full walk because the last bit was uphill and that hurt more. After the walk we went for a swim in the river. There were lots of little spotted fish that were really cool.

Tuesday-Going Home

On Tuesday we packed our bags then ,having time to kill, we walked down to the mango tree at the end of the street to take some photos of us with it. We also took some photos of us at the beach. When we got to the airport we had to wait for an hour for a flight. I looked at some shops. On the flight to Sydney I read my book the whole time. At Sydney airport we used the free internet to check our mail.

My Overview Of The Trip

Things I Found Out
Aeroplane food tastes disgusting.
Driving through unfamiliar scenery isn't boring.
It is very easy to get lost in Sydney.
Non-free internet costs ton in Sydney airport.
Snake skin doesn't feel like fish scales.
Kangaroo fur is very soft.
Macaws bite when they don't want any more food.

Photos from Crystal Cascades and on our last day:

10 November 2009

More Kuranda Photos

Resting and Kuranda Wildlife Park

Trininty Beach 10 Oct

Thursday-rest day

On Thursday we had a rest. Me, Mum and Josiah went to the beach for a swim and to sit in the sun reading our books. I spent ages in the water so we came back to the motel so we wouldn't get sunburnt.


Yesterday we went to Kuranda via the skyrail. On the skyrail there were two stops along the way: Red Peak station and Barron Falls lookout. We spent a little while at each doing the board walks that they had. When we got Kuranda we went to the koala and wildlife park first where we got my our photos taken with a koala and then a snake. Their names were Princess (koala) and Stan (snake). After the photos we went into kangaroo and wallaby enclosure and fed them. The kangaroos were really lazy, they just lay down waiting for you to bring them food. Also at the park there were fresh water crocodiles, turtles, a wombat and several breeds of lizard. You only got to go in with the kangaroos and wallabies. After the Koala and wildlife park we were very hungry so we went in search of a place to get lunch. We had bagels and mango smoothies. After lunch we went to the butterfly sanctuary where there were lots of very colourful butterflies. We didn't see any caterpillars. there were these black and blue butterflies that I think like pink because they kept landing on my pink shorts. When we'd had enough of the butterfly sanctuary we went to the bird park. It was awesome, we got these Indian ring-necked parrots landing on our hats and playing with them. Mum got an Electus parrot on her hand when she was trying ot take photos. There were two macaws that bit our hands when we tryed to feed them. After the bird sanctuary we went shopping at the markets to get prezzys for people. I got myself a hair clip that I've been wanting for ages.

Saturday-more rest

Saturday was another rest day. We hung around the motel all day. We swam in the pool in the morning then we watched two episodes of Little House On the Prairie.